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Sunday, July 12, 2020

World Ocean Day
At IES Rafael Aalberti
although online
The youngest students created a video showing how COVID-19 
 affects the Oceans.

Friday, May 29, 2020


2020 Earth Day has been significant since schools over the planet were closed 
due to confinement. Our Maths teacher thought on a brilliant idea to help families to reflect on the topic. Finally an infographic presented with results.

Monday, December 16, 2019

Environment and Xmas is Coming

Environment and Xmas is Coming

“Environment and Sustainability: Understand, Care, Act! with the main goal being to take steps to care for the environment, during December 2019 students at IES Rafael Alberti (Cadiz, Spain) created a Christmas tree using recycled materials.

The structure of the tree was formed using a high jump stand and rope, later garlands which were recycled from previous decorations were added, the silver stars were made from empty milk cartons and the red hats were created from used yarn and  cardboard cylinders from toilet paper rolls.

Thursday, December 12, 2019

Cristmas decor with materials we don't need anymore!

We made some Christmas decor with useless materials which would have been thrown away in other case...

Monday, November 25, 2019

3rd LTT Meeting in Platanias, Greece

In October 2019 (20-25) the 3rd International Meeting was organised in Platanias region
(Greece) by Gymnasio Platania. 25 students from Ernestinum Gimnasio in Celle (Germany),
IES Rafael Alberti in Cadiz (Spain) and Gimnasium Ghimbav (Ghimbav, Romania) met their
Greek colleagues and worked together. Each group of students were accompanied by their
Erasmus + coordinators and another teacher involved in the E+ project.

The program organised for this meeting was divided in to three different stages, each stage
was, as in the previous meetings, full of activities:

Day 1 started with presentations from each group on the specific topic of the meeting which
was "Food and Environment". They presented problems in the food chain due to
environmental pollution and climate change, the use of fertilizers and pesticides, over-
consumption of meat, the use of palm oil, the loss of seasonality, the disappearance of
endemic species, etc. Possible solutions were presented, and everyone was encouraged to
follow them.

Later on, the students participated in recycling workshops where they had the
chance to produce soap and biodiesel, they were informed on how they could create a
garden in their school and learned how they could reuse an old school desk as a flowerbed.

The day ended with a treasure hunt in the old city of Chania taking advantage of children's
ability to use mobile technology with a special application which was created for this

Day 2 included an excursion to the Chania Botanical Park and the Falasarna region. In the
Botanical Park, the students had the opportunity to have a great educational and creative

They were informed about the Cretan diet, herbs and they prepared tzatziki and
stuffed vine leaves with the help of the chef of the park and later they tasted them.

Students walked around the park and felt the nature.

In the afternoon they visited Falasarna where they were given a tour in a local greenhouse and learned about tomato cultivation while the weather allowed them to end their day at the beautiful beach of Falasarna.

Day 3 included a visit to Ancient Aptera and then a visit to the Environmental Center of

There, students attended an olive tree program by the teachers of the Center, they
tasted olives and local produce, took part in clay workshops and also in traditional olive-oil
production. They also produced a natural skin cream made of only two ingredients: bees
wax and olive oil.

In the afternoon the groups met again at the beach of Agious Apostolous where they said
goodbye until our next meeting, which is in May 2020 in Celle, Germany.

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

The impact of plastic and other waste - Meeting No 2 - Ghimbav Romania

In May 9 students from Creete, 9 students from Cadiz and 9 students from Celle went on a journey to Ghimbav in Romania at the foot of the Capathian mountains.

All students in Brasov

On day one we conducted a students conference on the importance of the 3R: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Students informed each other in different presentations with the help of small film-clips, photos and artefacts about
a) types of waste, negative impact that it has on the environment and animal habitat; the need of an efficient waste management,
b) plastic: classification and composition, effects on the environment and health.
presenting activities at the students conference
c) waste management systems in the different countries.
This was especially interesting. Students found out that the waste disposal systems vary a lot in the different countries. This was a topic students discussed during the whole LTT.

Special topics microplastic: Students brought their shampoos and investigated the ingredients, finding out if the products contain microplastic. Students learned how to identify microplastic in products (using either a list on paper or various apps for mobile phones), they now know how they can avoid product containing microplastic.

Students also presented the activites which they had already done in their countries in regards to the topic. Learners got many new ideas on what they can do in their own countries in order to raise more awareness and to reduce waste production.

Day 2: 

Learning about bears
The group visited the LIBEARty Sanctuary, the first bear sanctuary in Romania, where bears tfreed from captivity live a natural, peaceful and free life under the protection of the non-govermental organisation. Students learned a lot about bears in the Capathian mountains, they saw bears on a short hike and they learned a lot about the problems for bears caused by garbage. These problems were shown to the students in an interactive presentation.
Finding out about captivity
Collecting waste - clean-up activity
Students got involved in a clean-up action together with the sanctuary - workers. They collected all waste in the vicinity so that it cannot affect the bears. Students realized how important it is to reduce waste and have an efficient waste management for all animals.
Castle Bran - Home of Dracula

Cultural activity: Visit of Bran castle which is said to be the place where Dracula lived. Students learned about the historical background for the Dracula novel and about the legend that evolved around it.

Day 3:
Exploring the environment
Students went into the mountains - going up to 1600m by cable car they first hiked along the mountain ridge to a mountain cabin. Along the way they observed nature and also concentrated on impacts of waste in this beautiful area. In a workshop in the cabin students created different pictures, collages from textile waste, plastic and used buttons and other used materials. In international groups they created pictures about what they learned in the past days and how they picture a world without environmental problems.
Working on a waste- collage
Students again learned a lot about the views, issues, ideas and fears in the partner counties/ for the partner students. In very lively discussions students had to agree on topics that they wanted to show on their posters and they had to agree how to present them. Beautiful and also meaningful collages were the result, they are exhibited in the school in Ghimbav.
The activity ended by hiking down the mountains to the valley through wonderful nature.

What a wonderful project meeting. Students enjoyed Romanian hospitality and found many new friends.
Thanks a lot for the wonderful time!